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Dept. of Bengali

Dept. of Bengali

Tufanganj Mahavidyalaya was started with the approval of the Govt. of West Bengal on 24.12.1971, and affiliated to the University of North Bengal on 12.01.1972. The Department of Bengali came in to being right at the inception of Tufanganj Mahavidyalaya in 1971. Honours Course in the Department was introduced in 1995. Honours affiliation in Bengali was granted by the University of North Bengal. From 30.07.2015, the College has come under the Cooch Behar Panchanan Barma University and the affiliation was shifted. Studies in Bengali Language and Literature in consonance with the syllabi of the Cooch Behar Panchanan Barma University are imparted in two analogous sub-streams - Bengali Programme Course and Bengali Honours. Compulsory AECC and LCC Bengali (MIL) is indeed, binding for all students irrespective of their divisions into Arts, Commerce and Science streams.

Since its inception, the department has been growing day by day and it is one of the oldest and largest department of our College. Now the Dept. has approximately One hundred Honours students and Two thousand General Students per semester. The propensity of the students for Bengali Honours is noticeably more than for any other subject taught in the College.

The department gathered mass of faculties who devoted their time in teaching the subject. Presently the department has three full-time teachers including one Associate, two Assistant, and two SACT Professor. The faculty members are quite actively involved in research and teaching activities. The teachers also participate in various workshops, seminars, paper presentation on relevant issues. After the completion of graduation, the majority of our departmental students pursue a Master's degree in Bengali and many of the students are enrolling into higher education each and every year.

The success rates of the students are more or less satisfactory. The teaching-learning method of the department includes classroom lectures and seminars with active student participation. Occasional internal evaluations like MCQ, Viva, written class tests, and class presentations are held to evaluate the students’ performance. Apart from the academic activities, the department also organises various programmes and encourages the students to participate in many activities, like different cultural programs, to encourage different soft skills of the students.

Every year we celebrate Rabindra Jayanti and International Mother Language Day. All the teachers in the department also share a very amicable relationship with the students and create a favourable atmosphere so that the teaching-learning process becomes joyful and fruitful.


  • To give knowledge on literature, particularly on the genres of novel, drama, essays, criticism, poetry and short stories.
  • To inform about the history of Modern Indian Languages, along with that of Bengali.
  • To contribute to the transformation of society through the ideals set by great Bengali writers and thinkers by being socially conscious and responsible.
  • To create an all–inclusive perspective in the minds of the students so that they develop their own literary vision.
  • To provide scientific insight about the utility of understanding language in general and literature of the Bengali speaking people in particular. Underlying the mission is to evaluate language and literature as creative genius of humankind.



  • To make the Pupil aware of learning strategies for skill development.
  • To enrich language competence for the practical life.
  • To promote a value-based education through the literary experience of Bengali humanistic literature.
  • To promote inter-cultural and inter-religious harmony through literature and literary activities
  • To have the experience and taste of Bengali literature and of the student better understanding of moral and intellectual aspects of human life.
  • Also, to provide updated knowledge of comprehensive learning in the world literature.

Academic Programs B.A. Hons., B.A. Program.


Designation : Assistant Professor & HoD.
Specialization : Novel and Short-Story
Research Interest : Drama
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Designation : Associate Professor
Specialization : Short Story and Novel
Research Interest : Art literature, Folk literature.
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Designation : Assistant Professor
Specialization : Uponyas O Chhotogalpo
Research Interest : Language
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Designation : SACT
Specialization : Uponnash O Chotogalpo
Research Interest : Baisnab Pad Sahitya
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Designation : SACT
Specialization : Upanyas O chotogalpa
Research Interest : Rava Loko Kotha
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