Mission, Objective & Future PlanMission, Objective & Future Plan

Mission, Objective & Future Plan

Tufanganj Mahavidyalaya endorses and espouses the following Mission :

  1. To foster interactive teaching-learning ambiance conducive to the quest and pursuit of higher studies
  2. To infuse zeal, curiosity and adaptability to the contemporary challenges
  3. To harness latent potentialities and to strive for holistic development of the young learners
  4. To sensitize learners about gender discrimination, human rights and environmental issues
  5. To impart moral, ethical and community oriented values and outlook
  6. To prepare the learners for the emerging employment opportunities
  7. To ensure optimal and effective use of available infrastructure and resources
  8. To set benchmarks in teaching, learning and governance
  9. And to uphold transparency in teaching and administration

Tufanganj Mahavidyalaya endorses and espouses the following Objectives :

  1. To provide equitable and fair opportunity to the learners
  2. To cater to the special needs of SC, ST, OBC, Minority and poor learners
  3. To facilitate the learners to be responsible citizenry
  4. To promote creativity and extra-curricular potentiality among learners
  5. To develop and maintain peaceful, cordial relations among all stakeholders
  6. To encourage cleanliness, friendship and cooperative efforts and orientation
  7. To sustain research culture among the faculties
  8. To establish linkage with civil society organisations and activists
  9. To generate resources from external sources
  10. To adapt to economic and technological changes and challenges
  11. And to promote and preserve local culture through extensive activities

Tufanganj Mahavidyalaya endorses and espouses the following Future Plan :

  1. Resource mobilisation from external sources for infrastructural expansion. For this purpose frequent approach to the political leaders, government authorities will be made,
  2. More and more ICT enabled classrooms, 
  3. One central library with sufficient space, computerised services and networking
  4. Introduction of
    1. Value added course (communicative English),
    2. Self financing course (computer, competitive examinations coaching),
    3. Post-Graduate courses in some subjects and study centre for open university like Nataji Subhas University and Rabindra Bharati University,
  5. Progressive reforms in teaching and learning process i.e. frequent seminar, quiz competitions, project works, debates, education tour, scholarship from endowment funds (as incentive),
  6. To evolve this institution as one of the best and most sought after colleges in the district and region, 
  7. To make arrangement for annual audit for the Cash & Accounts section by the external auditor appointed by the government of West Bengal,
  8. And to construct an indoor stadium,