Dept. of MathematicsDept. of Mathematics
Dept. of Mathematics

Dept. of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics was started in 2014 catering to the needs of science Department. Over the year since the inception of the college, the department has grown in tune with the demand of the institution and improve its strength.As of Today, Department of Mathematics is one of the servicing department which impact sound knowledge in mathematics.

One (1) faculty member working in the department of Mathematics. Department of Mathematics is consistent produce good Result.

Our Vision & Mission

  • Our commitment lies in producing comprehensive knowledge seekers and humane individuals, capable of building a strong and developed nation.
  • To Achieved the vision we should have diligent faculty who use effective teaching methodologies.

Academic Programs B.Sc. Program.


Designation : SACT
Specialization : Pure Mathematics
Research Interest : Analysis and partial differential
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